"...chilling, thrilling rawness." - Brian Schaefer, The New York Times

"A Study on Effort was an intimate meditation of feminine strength and sexuality." - Martha Schabas, The Toronto Globe and Mail

“In a series of vignettes, Smith and GoGwilt explored the extremes of their bodies…[they] created a visceral viewing experience for audience members who appeared to be glued to their seats in the shared experience of the exertion exhibited by both performers.” - Miya Schaffer, Dance Current

"A hauntingly intimate piece that packs an emotional punch, A Study on Effort showcases an incredible collaboration between choreographer and musician." - Ryan Hudak, New York Theatre Review

"...a stunning instance of collaboration across media." - Brent Hayes Edwards, Columbia University


Trailer for "A Study on Effort" with Bobbi Jene Smith and Keir GoGwilt

                                                                                                                                           Video by Derrick Belcham

“A Study on Effort” explores connections between sound, body and duration. An hour-long dialogue between dancer Bobbi Jene Smith and violinist Keir GoGwilt, the piece transposes different physical and emotional tasks between music and movement. Efforts are supported and transformed in the exchange between gesture and sound, finding pleasure at the boundaries of the two artistic disciplines.

“A Study on Effort” was originally conceived by Bobbi Jene Smith in 2014 and has since had showings at Studio Varda, San Francisco Conservatory of Dance, Gibney Dance, and the Israel Museum. In 2016, Bobbi Jene and Keir GoGwilt collaborated on a new version of the show, which has been presented at the 2016 Luminato Festival in Toronto and PS 122's COIL Festival in 2017.